David Kilgour And The Heavy Eights return with 'Bobbie's a girl'

David Kilgour And The Heavy Eights’ are back with their eleventh album Bobbie's a girl

Mostly instrumental, Bobbie’s a girl differs from Kilgour’s other work in that the jangly electric distortion has been replaced with a hazy warmth and light psychedelia reminiscent of The Byrds and The Velvet Underground.

 UTR describe the record as "brimming with guitar twang and brushed drums". 

Talking to his label MergeKilgour says he "tended to shy away from too much guitar playing for a point of difference and to mix things up for myself..." 

Bobbie’s a girl is available on LP (Aotearoa Exclusive Violet vinyl), LP and CD. David and co will be touring the country this October / November in celebration of the album. Tickets from UTR.