Out via Flying Nun Records on March 29, Headless Chickens will release a very special extended reissue of landmark album, Body Blow. Bundled into a double LP (available on CD and vinyl) the selected tracks are a somewhat, historic culmination of the band’s time over the Body Blow years. Today they share ‘Bestiary’, a vinyl only bonus track.

“Body Blow is a complicated tale,” recounts Russell Brown, NZ music journalist and close friend of the Headless Chickens whānau.

“It’s the middle child of Headless Chickens albums, and, as two major releases with quite different track listings, not only kicked off the bands most successful years - all but one of their chart hits can be found on one or other of the releases - but represents the whole span of those years.”


The new reissue nods to the years between 1991-1994, covering original Body Blow tracks such as the two hit versions of 'Cruise Control', as well as tracks like 'George' that featured on follow up versions of the album.).

In the most quintessential Headless Chickens way possible, Body Blow carries a mind and a sound of its own. At the time, it was completely unlike anything else before it. Following its 1988 predecessor, ‘Stunt Clown’ (winner of the 2018 Taite Music Prize Classic Record), Body Blow would take the group to new, unchartered heights, reaching a wider audience while managing to stay true to their independent, artistic ways. It is one of those few records that translates well into a new era.