Wellington electronic trio Groeni have today released their 4 track EP Hinde through Wondercore Island. To accompany the release is a video clip created by singer Alexander Green, joining two transfixing music videos already released in collaboration with young Wellington designer Joel Fear and sponsored by Radio New Zealand in partnership with Red Bull Sound Select. Together, they perfectly set the stage for Green's angelic and exploratory vocal refrains.

Groeni have been releasing music and performing since 2012, but really hit their stride in 2015 when Germany's Project Mooncircle / HHV DE released their second EP Hewn. Since then, their blend of soul post dubstep, spiritual dream-folk has been championed by BBC 3 & 6 (UK), KCRW (LA), Soundcloud channel Future Garage and The 405 (UK), amongst other radio stations and media outlets worldwide.

Groeni transitioned from a solo project into a fully collaborative project after Alexander's long-time musician friends Mike Isaacs and James Paul joined him on stage. "Between the three of us, we are developing a way to utilise our collective knowledge and perspective that one person perhaps couldn't achieve," Mike says.

Influenced by the abstract techno and beatpop of Blawan, Borrowed CS and I'lls, Groeni's latest offering is warmer, grittier and more direct - 21st century dance music that never disregards the power of classic songwriting.

Purchase the HINDE EP here: