Metronomy scored their first Top 10 album in 2013 with the critically-acclaimed LOVE LETTERS.  Now counting fans as diverse as Kanye West, Tyler The Creator, Lady Gaga, Daft Punk and Josh Homme, Metronomy will release a new album SUMMER 08 on July 1st on Because Music/WarnerMusic NZ

Entirely written, played and produced by sonic auteur Joe Mount, SUMMER 08 finds the multi-instrumentalist reflecting on his experiences around the time that Metronomy first landed a major breakthrough with the NIGHTS OUT album – the guilt at spending key moments in loved ones' lives in the back of a tour bus, and the confused mania of finding himself a critical darling.

Mount’s aim was to make a mature, eclectic pop record in the vein of classic works by OutKast, David Bowie and Daft Punk. Recorded in Black Box Studios in France with mixing courtesy of Bob Clearmountain (Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie) and Neal Pogue (OutKast), it’s the most daring and creative Metronomy album for a good reason – they won’t be touring it any time soon. “I want to have a break from touring but I don’t want a break from putting out music,” says Mount, noting that he wants to prioritise time with his two young children.

The album’s first single ‘Old Skool’ is a cowbell-clattered cocaine pop belter that glimpses '00s London from the backseat of an Addison Lee. It descends into a chaotic scratch frenzy courtesy of Beastie Boys’ turntablist and Mount’s childhood hero Mix Master Mike.

The accompanying video features Catastrophe’s (Ch 4) Sharon Horgan and Game of Thrones’ Ben Crompton in an explosion of ‘70s aesthetic hedonism.

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