Mice On Stilts release debut album 'Hope For A Mourning'

Mice On Stilts have announced the release of their new album Hope For A Mourning today - April 15th.

Their 2013  EP, An Ocean Held Me was met with high praise from listeners and reviewers alike. Founded on ideas of darkness, empathy and catharsis, these themes extend into their forthcoming coming album, Hope For A Mourning, which capitalises on the diverse range of instruments mastered by these skilled musicians.

Lead single 'Khandallah' is a great example of the band's ability to conjure eerie ambient soundscapes building to transcendental heights.

Lauded for their stirring presence as a live band, Mice On Stilts have collaborated with local artists, photographers, writers and designers to create an art book to accompany the new album, the contents a direct response to the engaging lyrics and emotional scope of Hope For a Mourning.

Hope For A Mourning is released via Aeroplane Music Records and available for purchase on iTunes and all good digital service providers. Hope For A Mourning CDs and books with album download codes are now for sale at Flying Out record store.

Mice On Stilts are planning an extensive national tour later in the year.

Listen to Hope For A Mourning here.