Warner Newman tackles domestic abuse with new single 'Runaway'

 New Zealand born, UK based artist Warner Newman releases his official debut single ‘Runaway’ today, aimed to expose the damage caused by domestic abuse. 

‘Runaway’ delivers a stark poignant message to us all; domestic abuse wrecks lives for generation upon generation….help stop it and put our children first.

The ‘Runaway’ video is a biographic reflection of Warner’s childhood. The man he is today, walks in the shoes of the child he used to be, his cutting words pouring out the heart-wrenching truth of domestic violence through a young boy’s eyes. 

Featuring Delena Higgins on vocals, ‘Runaway’ is an urban-pop track with catchy melodic hooks weaving their way around Warner’s biting lyrics.

A collaboration with producer Brian Paturalski (Outkast ‘Hey Ya’, Aerosmith, 50 Cent, Britney Spears) the single was mastered in New York at Sterling Sound studios (Rhianna, Drake, Adele, The Weekend).

A victim of domestic violence himself, Warner spent his entire childhood fighting for his life, watching his mother abused by her partner, whilst Warner constantly dodged the beatings and abuse, his physical scars an outer token of the times he didn’t manage to get away.  When his step-father reached for a gun and aimed it at the young teen, Warner fled home, never to return.  Now he channels his passion and talent for music to expose the horror behind domestic violence in an attempt to make a change.

“Music is my church, my God, my best friend…..it made me want to try in life.  It was the one thing that made me strong again,” says Newman.

Newman's message is reaching a wide audience, with his music video for 'Runaway' reaching 12,000 views on Vevo in just a few weeks, plus the track has been play listed on UK station Kiss FM and NZ commercial station ZM.

The single ‘Runaway’ is released on Lukey Boy Record via A.W.A.L / Kobalt.

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