eyreton hall release debut album 'featherstitch'

Once described as the immaculately conceived love-child of Robin Pecknold (Fleetfoxes), and Rufus Wainright, Eyreton Hall are partners in music and life. Toni Randle and Andrew Keegan write melodic art folk with a melancholy, timeless feel. 'Featherstitch' is full of beautiful, spacious, carefully crafted songs: a journey if you will.

“We just want to tell a story, for people to feel something when they listen– hopefully something tangible and good – whatever that may be”, says Christchurch born front woman, Toni. It might take a few listens – but that’s what we’d hope for.”

The songs were written in Randle’s parent’s barn, just out of Christchurch, but Featherstitch was to have its genesis up the road at “Eyreton Hall”. Friend and recording engineer Joseph Veale was there to capture the sounds. The process was a long one  – largely due to the challenges of distance, the fickleness of money, having babies and moving cities: you know, Life. 

After relocating to Auckland in 2012 the duo enlisted head engineer Simon Gooding to finish recording the album at York Street. He then incorporated performances from talented family and friends across Australia and NZ and mixed the album at Auckland’s Big Pop and STL Audio in Wellington.

Andy’s penchant for vintage drums and high ceilings gives the album it’s ‘sound’ while Toni twinkles the ivories on grand and saloon hall style pianos. Naughty horns, banjos, string bases, and guitars of all flavours also feature. Achingly beautiful offerings can be heard from Jacob Cole, Reuben Derrick, Andrew Genge, Ben Hauptmann, Martyn Hentschel, Tim Keegan, Gerard Masters, Richie Pickard, Jethro Pickett, Tim Randle, Mandy Stark, and Scott Taitoko.

The album is also laden with vocal harmony, Eyreton Hall harnessing the talents of Ben King (Golden Horse, Grand Rapids), Brendan Morrow (The Map Room), and Edward Waaka.  

Featherstitch was mastered at The Lab by Oliver Harmer.

Featherstitch will be available for purchase  on iTunes, Amplifier and all good digital outlets from November 21st.