Major Lazer new single 'Can’t Take It From Me (feat. Skip Marley)'

Diplo’s Major Lazer returns with a brand new track. Featuring Skip Marley, 'Can’t Take It From Me' sees the band returning to their Caribbean-influenced roots and marks the reappearance of the group’s iconic image of their namesake.

The legend of Major Lazer began in 2008 when the infamous Jamaican commando who lost his arm in the secret Zombie War, surfaced with an experimental lazer as a limb under the cover of a dancehall night club owner from Trinidad.

“Can’t Take It From Me” which features Skip Marley, marks the reappearance of the Major Lazer character from the beyond (designed by Ferry Guow). Major Lazer has found enlightenment and has given up his physical body.

Watch and Listen here: