Mermaidens share music video for 'You Maintain The Stain'


Following a successful mini tour of Aotearoa, Mermaidens share the music video for 'You Maintain The Stain' (#1), the a-side of their 7" split single You Maintain The Stain / Cut It Open, out now on Flying Nun Records.

'You Maintain the Stain' is a stern letter to “The Man” that resembles a big, subtle middle finger to the messed up power structures in this world. The stain refers to the deep-seeded microaggressions that so many experience. The stain is all that is bad.

“It's about being assertive and having attitude - thus defying gendered expectations that women should handle situations in a calm, kind way,” explains bassist/vocalist Lily West.

This is Mermaidens louder, more crushing and propulsive than ever. They are in their element, and at their most raw and confronting.

Watch 'You Maintain The Stain':


Mermaidens head to offshore next month for a UK/Europe Tour: