Theia is 'Not Your Princess'

Theia’s new song ‘Not Your Princess’ is a sassy declaration of independence. A kiss-off anthem that continues the fierce streak, which has run throughout the New Zealand alt-pop artist’s recent releases, such as ‘Bye Bye’ and ‘Candy’.

“‘Not Your Princess’ is about taking control,” says Theia. “In the same way that ‘Bye Bye’ was about hitting back at the haters and ‘Candy’ was about having the strength to be yourself; ‘Not Your Princess’ is about staying strong and saying, ‘Screw you - you don’t own me!”

The ultimate 'gurl-power' statement, ‘Not Your Princess’ pulls no punches lyrically and sonically. It shines a spotlight on Theia’s song-writing prowess and her knack for pairing hard-hitting and honest one-liners, with sweet and sour melodies that ebb and flow against a gritty soundscape of epic bass and crisp 808s.

With hints of Charli XCX and M.I.A, the single was produced, mixed and mastered by Australian producer Quinn.

Listen to ‘Not Your Princess’ here: