The Head & The Heart's 'Missed Connection'

The Head And The Heart have released their latest single 'Missed Connection' and announced their forthcoming LP, Living Mirage

The palpitating-choral 'Missed Connection,' is a poignant snapshot of the anxiety that preceded the band’s growth spurt.

“A lot of the beats on that song are quicker, and there are high hats that were never in our music before,” drummer Tyler Williams says, attributing the new sounds to their love of pop and hip-hop production.

The track began as a remembrance of how Jon met his girlfriend, until morphing into a potent metaphor for the band—which met serendipitously around an open-mic night in Seattle 10 years ago—suddenly wondering, as he recalls, “Is it all going to work?”

Early last year, The Head And The Heart came together in the Mojave Desert’s Joshua Tree where they decided to shed old skin before writing their fourth album, Living Mirage, a sweeping, artful expansion of the earthy folk rock that once defined them.