Crystal Fighters offer up 'Wild Ones'

Crystal Fighters release their new single 'Wild Ones', an exuberent fusion of psychedelia, global modern pop and bass heavy production.

'Wild Ones' is taken from the band's new album Gaia & Friends.

The Times are calling the album ''basque, bizzare and oddly brilliant'', while Evening Standard congratulates Crystal Fighters for maintaining "that feeling of beachside freedom, a drink in your hand and sand between your toes." 

The title GAIA & FRIENDS is a reflection of Crystal Fighters’ outlook on the world and existence – ‘Gaia’ representing Mother Earth and ‘Friends’ her diverse inhabitants. Humanity, animals and plant-life co-exist in the moment, with the planet representing a gigantic party for life in all of its many forms.

Crystal Fighters are often heralded as one of the world’s greatest festival bands for their ability to blend genre-expanding sounds, intensely hued visuals and an exultant atmosphere.

Watch and listen to ‘Wild Ones’ here: