DRAM releases pared back studio version of Outkast cover "Prototype"

After debuting his cover of 'prototype' from the Andre 3000 side of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below earlier this year, DRAM has shared the official studio version of the song.

The track is already impressing the critics, with hotnewhiphop.com saying: "the Virginia rapper also manages to put his own spin on the classic source material, injecting it with humour and charisma in a way only he can."  

And Fader praising DRAM's range: "The original Outkast track was a full-on picking-flowers-in-your-spaceship good time, but in DRAM’s hands it becomes downright heartbreaking, as he gets caught up in the track’s most yearning feelings." 

It's been almost two years since DRAM released his debut album Big Baby Dram, but he has released a number of short projects in the interim. Most recently, he shared the That's a Girl's Name EP, a three-song surprise project.

Listen to 'prototype' here: