Blair Jollands releases new album '7 Blood'

London based NZ artist, Blair Jollands releases his forthcoming album 7 Blood today!

Jollands is often compared vocally to Nick Cave, Rufus Wainwright & Scott Walker, his music communicating a paradoxical mix of melancholia and optimism that draws the listener in.

Having won the admiration of both David Bowie & Boy George (who released Blair's previous material under the name El Hula on his More Protein label), Jollands has received praise from the likes of NME, Guardian, Uncut, ArtRocker and more.

Recently returning from a tour of South America and a collaboration with Brazilian group Pato Fu after performing at Runway Festival on 7th July and Cornbury Festival, July 15, Jollands will be returning to New Zealand in the new year to promote his latest release.

The collection of songs on 7 Blood are as diverse musically as they are thematically. Incidentally, the album title refers to the Adalucian mountain herb, taken to combat Jollands' battle with Lyme disease after being bitten by a tick.

Keep an eye out for Jollands, who will be featuring on the TVNZ series Dream Catchers of which he also composed the soundtrack.

Listen to 7 Blood now on iTunes and  Spotify. The album is also available from iTunes, Apple Music and all good digital outlets.

Listen to latest single 'Burning Man' here: