New single for Suede

Suede has just released their new single ‘Life is Golden’, taken from the band’s highly-anticipated, forthcoming album, THE BLUE HOUR.

‘Life is Golden’ has all the hallmarks of a classic Suede track, from Brett Anderson’s aching, transcendent vocal through to the brooding, dramatic atmosphere evoked by the band’s distinctive performance. 

Suede’s new record THE BLUE HOUR is the final part of the triptych of albums recorded by the band since they reformed and released 2013’s BLOODSPORTS.

The album is also complemented by some of the subject matter of Brett Anderson’s recent memoir ‘Coal Black Mornings’

The accompanying video for 'Life is Golden' is eerily beautiful aerial film footage of the abandoned town of Pripyat in Ukraine, directed by Myles Painter. This austere wintry backdrop, devoid of people is an arresting juxtaposition against the soaring, emotive instrumentation of the track.

Listen and watch: