Kimbra and Snoop Dogg collaborate on 'Top Of The World'

In what could be the first time Snoop Dogg has collaborated with a Kiwi, award-winning, critically acclaimed songstress Kimbra unveils the remix of her hit single Top of the World’ featuring iconic rapper Snoop Dogg.

About his collab, Snoop says, “Kimbra got dope energy, sound and look - which is the reason I was excited to jump on this track with her.  Unique sound is a rare thing in today’s world however my homegirl climbing to the top.  No pun intended, ya dig?!?!”

This is the first of three reworks Kimbra will be releasing for “Top Of The World.” The next two soon-to-be reworks are by Eureka The Butcher and MonoPoly

Co-produced by Skrillex, the original version is described by NPR as, “an aggressive, confident step forward into the future” and Interview calls, “a very powerful manifesto.”