Wax Chattels share new single 'Career'

On Wax Chattels' new single ‘Career’, the keyboard, bass and drums trio start with a gentle opening with Amanda Cheng’s tender vocals. The track gradually builds up with an overwhelming sound of crashing drums and odd synth entries. The energy creates an atmosphere akin to a traditional loud power trio - except their music is anything but traditional.

The band's self-titled debut album is due out on May 18th via Flying Nun Records and Captured Tracks.

Wax Chattels create darkly hypnotic and frenetic music that's both rhythmically complex and sinister.

Peter Ruddell (26, keyboards/vocals), Amanda Cheng (26, bass/vocals) and Tom Leggett (22, drums) met studying Jazz Performance at the University of Auckland, and started Wax Chattels a few years later. Since that time they have honed their live-shows into something that is not to be missed - it was after a particularly insane live performance that they were signed by both Captured Tracks and Flying Nun Records on the spot.   The band say "we want to play shows that make people feel uncomfortable. The goal is to leave the audience feeling slightly altered, like they have experienced, not just heard or seen something."

Listen to 'Career' here: