Indi's new solo album 'Precipice'

‘indi’ is the moniker of contemporary musician and composer Indira Force, who originates from Titirangi, New Zealand and built her foundations in classical piano.

Currently based in Berlin where she was accepted into the esteemed international Red Bull Music Academy, indi writes using a combination of electronic and classical instrumentation, with a signature sound that relies on intricate details and multi-layered structures.

Her debut solo album Precipice gathers her broad array of influences to create ethereal spacial soundscapes layered with soft floating harmonies and futuristic dark synth clusters or the juxtaposition of harpsichord, reminiscent of Enya one second, Bjork the next.

Her single ‘Demeter’ definitely conjures the latter with its otherworldly atmosphere, unique melody, and fantasy video, with indi citing inspiration from 80s films such as the Dark Crystal and Neverending Story. indi’s collaborations with music video makers Candlelit Pictures/Thunderlips have also been popular, including the single ‘Precipice’ which won Best Music Video at CLIPPED Festival in Sydney last year.

indi is also known for her collaborations with experimental violinist Anita Clark (aka Motte) and most notably, she was co-writer in the Christchurch based trip-hop band Doprah (Arch Hill Recordings), which garnered huge international traction at the time and became a noteworthy group on Billboard’s ‘Next Big Sound’ list.

Precipice is out now via Flying Nun Records.

Watch ‘Demeter’ here: