Shihad release 'Wait And See'

Ahead of the release of a remastered The General Electric, iconic Kiwi rockers Shihad re-release ‘Wait and See’.

The song originally featured on their EP Blue Light Disco, and was re-recorded and released nearly 20 years in 1999 on The General Electric.

‘Wait and See’ became a rock anthem for a generation of New Zealanders and The General Electric peaked at No.1 on the New Zealand charts and certified triple platinum - becoming part of Kiwi rock history.

Jon Toogood told Real Groove in 1999 that the song was written while he was staying alone in a bach with no contact with the outside world. “It was amazing, but at the same time I was looking at how the houses had slowly eaten into the hillside and I was thinking, 'fucking termites'. It's a crime to think that how it is now, is how it's going to be forever. We're living on a living being and burrowing into its skin".

Shihad was formed in 1988 with Jon Toogood, Tom Larkin, Phil Knight and Karl Kippenberger and have released nine studio albums, won countless awards and accolades, and are known for being one of the greatest live bands to ever come out of Aotearoa New Zealand.