The Chills film needs your help

Late last year, Notable Pictures were filming with The Chills lead singer Martin Phillipps when he was informed he had a 30% chance of dying within six to twelve months if he did not make substantial lifestyle changes. His subsequent decision to reconcile with the world and confront past mistakes has provided the foundation for a compelling and dramatic documentary narrative.

Martin and The Chills are credited as one of the founding pioneers of the iconic Dunedin Sound - the ground-breaking musical movement that inspired many seminal musicians around the world and helped usher in a new-found sense of cultural worth in New Zealand. 

Life has been rocky for this influential musician, he has battled with addiction and depression and it’s taken an exacting toll on his health. Despite this, Martin has retained an unrelenting commitment to the music and his meticulous collection of pop culture, music and art.

Combining never seen before archive, with an intimate current day story and backed by a killer musical soundtrack, the film picks apart Martin's lifetime of memories, and as his precious items are discarded and redistributed, discovers the story behind it all. 

Now is our chance to Journey with Martin as he learns to cope with past decisions and life threatening repercussions. Meet a creative uncompromising in his vision for the music. Discover the humorous and charismatic side to a lyrical master never seen on film before. 

Notable Pictures have already filmed some incredibly intimate footage, including documenting Martin’s health journey and The Chills sold out New Zealand tour earlier this year. 

But now they need to keep up the momentum, filming key events for Martin’s personal journey and music. 

If you would like to make their goal a reality and allow them to successfully complete this film, head over to the Kickstarter website to make a very worthy donation.

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