Human Traces screens at NZIFF

 Kiwi writer-director Nic Gorman's debut feature film Human Traces is a psychological thriller set on an isolated subantarctic island.

The drama takes place 750 kms south of New Zealand, where husband-and-wife scientist team  have been posted to monitor the ecosystem of a remote island.

A mysterious stranger named Pete arrives and paranoia and deception begin to set in.

The film is split into three chapters, each told from a different character’s perspective.

Each new act is designed to reassemble the last: no sooner have you sided with one character than you find your allegiance complicated by the next point of view. 

 This gripping examination of human behaviour reminds us that everyone is the hero of their own story. 

Aeroplane was thrilled to be a part of the licensing process, securing the Graham Downes song 'Death and the Maiden' performed by The Verlaines. 

Human Traces screened at the NZIFF on the 5th and 6th of August. Keep an eye out for it at a theatre near you.

Watch the trailer here: