New single for Yumi Zouma

Depths (Pt. I)“ is the second single from Yumi Zouma's forthcoming album Willowbank - due out on October 6th via Cascine/ Flying Nun.

Depths (Pt. I)“ a wistful disco pop track about “life, love and temporary loss, and all the little moments in between that drag us to the edge of our existences”.

For the making of Willowbank, Yumi Zouma's members — Charlie Ryder, Josh Burgess, Christie Simpson and Sam Perry — settled on a plan to reunite for the New Zealand summer.

To complete what would become their first significant work written and recorded entirely in their home country, they rented a studio in Christchurch’s semi-demolished CBD, on one of the few remaining blocks that still characterizes the city from before it was destroyed by a series of earthquakes

. Being connected to their origins on the bottom of the earth allowed the band’s members to craft another essential chapter in the Yumi Zouma storybook.

Have a listen to "Depths (Pt 1)" here: