Flying Nun reissues Garageland and Bressa Creeting Cake on vinyl

Flying Nun Records have just received stock of the long-awaited Garageland and Bressa Creeting Cake reissues. Both albums include additional tracks, have been beautifully pressed over 2 LPs and repackaged in a thick 5mm spine. 

Signed to Flying Nun in the late 90s, Bressa Creeting Cake was heralded as a young band "brimming with ideas". Their self-titled 1997 debut album - made up of 15 tracks swinging between psychedelic and progressive rock (including single 'Nervous Wreck') received much acclaim.

Geoff Maddock and Joel Wilton, went on to form pop-folk band Goldenhorse alongside Kirsten Morelle. Ed Cake has since released a solo album and produced Don McGlashanNeil Finn and The Brunettes.

Garageland made a big splash with their debut record Come Back Special in August 1995.

With their guitars turned up to warm reverb and tossing off words not just with the lazy abandon so favoured by the modern American underground but in the way that great NZ bands have always mumbled their way through a catchy tune, Garageland were mining a rich musical vein. 

Album preorders are now available or wait until July 14th to find them instore.