The Bats release new video for 'Busy' from The Deep Set


New Zealand indie-pop legends The Bats started the year off by releasing their ninth album, The Deep Set, and now they finish it with a new video.

Directed by Marc Swadel it sees the four-piece performing the track 'Busy' (off The Deep Set) in Christchurch Emigre, James Atkinson's, practice room under the arches of London's Haggerston Station. Filmed the day before their final show in the Tufnel Dome, the onscreen triptych also features footage from around London during the band's UK/EU summer tour earlier this year.

"Marc Swadel has done an amazing job of editing together band footage with some “busy” film of London's underground and overground using a wide triptych format" says band member Paul Kean.

The Bats returned with album number nine, The Deep Set earlier this year. The album continues The Bats’ 21st century resurgence. The chords still chug, the guitars chime, ring, and jangle, the melodies are clear and memorable, the rhythm section is unstoppable. But the band mines more of the darker, deeper sound that 2011’s Free All the Monsters revealed.

Watch the video for 'Busy' here: