Harry Parsons releases new single 'On My Mind'

'On My Mind' is the first single off Harry Parsons' new EP in progress.

A tune about the remains of a relationship that didn’t work out, and of moving on, this single is the beginning of a change in direction for Parsons. He has teamed up with producer Carlos Barnett to show a new side of his music as an artist and songwriter.

'On My Mind' kicks off summer to accompany kiwis all over the country, inspiring people to get outside and smell the roses.

Parsons was born in Dorset, England, and made the move to NZ when he was 7. Music has always a part of his life, his father in orchestras and jazz bands, and his sister a folk musician. Parsons has dabbled in folk (LOST EP), alt pop (Exoskeleton) and indie rock (Crown), now focusing his musical chops towards pop, and “having fun.”

Watch and Listen to 'On My Mind' here: