New single 'Cake' from Flo Rida feat. 99 Percent

This is a Challenge is the first ever major label collection of viral dance challenge tracks.

The album is showcased by the new single, ‘Cake,’ by multi-platinum recording artist Flo Rida and rising new duo 99 Percent.

Flo Rida is one of today’s most vibrant and recognizable superstars, a true international icon and history-making hip-hop artist. ‘My House,’ Flo’s 5th US chart-topper to date, has proven the second biggest selling single of 2016 with sales now approaching 2 million worldwide. ‘My House’ is also a worldwide favourite, with 3x platinum certification in Canada and 2x platinum certification in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition, the companion video – directed by Alex Acosta – is an online smash, with more than 179 million individual views and counting.