Eva Prowse Releases Sophomore Album

Wellington folk/indie/alt-pop artist Eva Prowse has just released her sophomore solo album Humid Nights.

Humid Nights is a MIDI-pop album inspired by the awkwardness of life and music software, growing up in the 80s, 90s and today, drunken fights in hot countries, small towns and big cities, bad decisions and instant regret.

Says Prowse, “the music of my childhood was the main inspiration – I just wanted to make some catchy pop tunes, but then got slightly obsessed with MIDI and bizaare, often cheesy, and definitely uncool, synth sounds…”

The majority of the album was recorded in dingy bedrooms in dingy flats in Wellington, where the conditions were in effect the opposite of a dreamy humid night…

The resulting collection of songs conjure the likes of Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush, Talking Heads, and HAIM with catchy 80’s synth breaks, pristine syncopated vocals and layered harmonies.

The multifarious and refreshing subject matter ranges from a celebration of the female characters in Game Of Thrones (No Man), a lamentation of an uncool kid wrapped up in an homage to the Spice Girls (Wannabe) to the decline of a relationship while loading up on long island ice teas in Cambodia (Humid Nights).

The album was mixed by Lee Prebble at Surgery Studios and mastered by Mike Gibson at Munki Studios with contributions from Craig Terris, Tom Watson and The Phoenix Foundation’s Samuel Flynn Scott and Tom Callwood.

Humid Nights is now available for purchase from iTunes, Bandcamp and all good digital outlets. Physical copies available from Bandcamp and upcoming live shows.