New Video For Zen Mantra

Zen Mantra (the moniker of Yumi Zouma's Sam Perry) shares the new video for their latest single, "Remember You At All", taken from the recently released self-titled LP. 

Directed by Ben Dodd, Frances Carter, Sam Perry, & Lily McRae, the track was also reinterpreted on Yumi Zouma's debut LP, Yoncalla, but originally written as a Zen Mantra song. 

Perry, wrote and recorded much of the album by himself in various planes, trains, homes and hotel rooms around the world whilst on tour with Yumi Zouma and the 10 tracks ses the 21-year old bedroom producer expanding his focus to incorporate all forms of pop music from ethereal shoegaze to walls of psychedelic distortion. 

With much of the album’s inspiration coming from the German 1960s/70s underground and the UK psych scene circa 1980 (fun fact: the name Zen Mantra was taken from some of Sonic Boom's liner notes), Zen Mantra has a pure pop energy, an expansive sound and plenty of hooks.

Yet it’s not all warm and blissful, with the album’s darker, emotional themes at times brilliantly warping these ‘pop’ songs. Leaving the listener with the slight sense of unease, like a sombre psych pop record you found lying melted out under the sun.

Of the video Perry says, "I kept thinking: "if Sergio Leone and Carpenter had come together to shoot some bratty indie rock bands video, that's what I'd want it to look like, some young band cast in a low budget spaghetti western horror." I'd just watched The Fog for maybe the fourth time - perhaps that comes across." 

Zen Mantra is out now on Flying Nun Records. 

Watch the video here: