Tiny Ruins releases 'Dream Wave' with David Lynch

Dream Wave, the new single from Tiny Ruins, comes courtesy of film director & music producer David Lynch, following a chain of events that began with the director mentioning on Twitter that he was a fan of the band.

Months later, songwriter Hollie Fullbrook was in the throes of Tiny Ruins' first USA tour. Waking on a stranger's floor in Boston where they'd crashed the night before, she learnt that Lynch wanted to record Dream Wave having heard a demo sent to him by Ella Yelich O'Connor, aka Lorde. When the band finished their run of shows, Fullbrook traveled to LA, met with Lynch at his Hollywood Hills studio, and Dream Wave was tracked. The result is a spooky, beautiful song, heavy with the sense of uneasy nostalgia Lynch is known for. 

The single premiered on Line Of Best Fit who wrote "Dream Wave is a tranquil, pared-back track with vaguely folky melodies and a gradually rising sense of the macabre. It's introduced with warm acoustic flutters and lush vocals, but as the seconds tick by, echoes intesify and dischordant fragments jut up into the layers. It's subtle and striking."