Two new singles for Warner Music Artists Hollie Smith and Pacific Heights.

Two talented Warner Music NZ artists hit NZ radio waves this week with their new singles; Hollie Smith with 'Water Or Gold' and Pacific Heights featuring Louis Baker with 'Buried by the Burden'.

Hollie Smith – ‘Water Or Gold’

With one of the most distinctive and powerful voices in music, Hollie Smith well and truly deserves her place as Aotearoa’s first lady of jazz and soul. 2016 sees Hollie offer up her third solo offering, Water Or Gold. The album sits squarely in jazz and soul realms, however she inches into new territory – rollicking rock and blues. The 4th single and title track from the album is about what matters the most… “What would you take, water or gold? It’s about what it is that’s important in your life and where you find the things you 'need'” says Hollie.

Pacific Heights feat. Louis Baker – ‘Buried by the Burden’

‘Buried by the Burden’ is the second single from Pacific Heights album The Stillness. It features the incredible voice of Louis Baker perfectly matched to the powerful emotive soundtrack created by Pacific Heights creator Devin Abrams. A stunning video for ‘Buried by the Burden’ premiered over the weekend on global arts and culture site Nowness. The video was created with award winning director Sam Peacocke and was created without cameras. Instead the 3D models of the landscape and Louis Baker were captured using an industrial laser scanner and an X-Box Kinect.