The long awaited release of Street Chant's second full-length album Hauora via Flying Nun finds the band picking up where their lauded, New Zealand Music Award-winning debut Means (2010, Arch Hill) left off.

Due out on 1 April 2016, Hauora is a compact, energised and complex set of songs exploring the Urban New Zealand Condition in the early 21st century. From the Saturday night booze binges of Sink to the petty shared-house bleakness of Pedestrian Support League, the album explores in sardonic humour and hook-laden melodies the highs and woes of creative life in Auckland City.

Brooklyn Vegan just this morning applauded the album, stating "There’s nary a dull moment in its 40-minute running time that swerves from punky rippers (including fantastic 2012 single Sink, the only oldie here) to janglier/scrappier fare...New single Insides is a good example of Street Chant’s sneery, snotty style, dropping Sylvia Plath references while jamming out power chords."

Hauora picks up where they left off without resorting to repetition or routine. The album title is taken from the Māori word for the four aspects of personal health – spiritual, physical, mental and social. 

The band has gone through some changes since Means – while Edrosa and bassist Billie Rogers remain, drummer Alex Brown was replaced by Chris Varnham (Wilberforces).

Street Chant’s Hauora is to be released 1st April 2016 on Flying Nun. The band are set to hit the road to celebrate Hauora's release.

Pre-order the vinyl of Hauora here


  • March 29 - Nivara, Hamilton
  • April 1 - The Manor, Auckland (limited entry)
  • April 2 - Golden Dawn, Auckland
  • April 8 - Caroline, Wellington 
  • April 9 - Great Job, Palmerston North
  • April 15th - The Crown, Dunedin
  • April 16th - Darkroom, Christchurch
  • April 29 - Kings Arms, Auckland