Holly Arrowsmith wins Tui for best Folk album

Congratulations to Holly Arrowsmith who has won the NZ Music Award for Best Folk Album of 2016 with her debut record For the Weary Traveller.

She took out the prize over her contemporaries Amiria Grenell and Nadia Reid.

As quoted in Newshub:

"It was great to have three ladies as finalists this year," she says. "We are all advocates for each other's music. When the envelope was opened, I really had no idea who it might be. Amiria has taken out the Folk Tui previously with another beautiful album of hers and Nadia's record is doing so well internationally.

"When it comes down to it, we don't make music to get recognition but when something you've worked really hard on does get acknowledged in some way, whether that is a message from a stranger saying it has resonated with them, or in our case being nominated for this award, it feels kind of like someone giving you a big hug, and imparting some encouragement to keep doing what you are doing."

Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico and raised in Queenstown, Arrowsmith is heading back to the US for 2 months to play some shows and reconnect with her birthplace.

Read more: http://www.newshub.co.nz/entertainment/queenstowns-holly-arrowsmith-wins-2016-folk-tui-2016020807#ixzz3zbYVxkXW