Ashley Hughes has been involved in the music industry under a few different monikers for over 15 years. His new mini album COLD NIGHT DARK MOURNING - out February 26th lays him bare for all to see.

"Four years of heartache following the loss of my younger brother, manifested into these songs,” says Ashley. “This project has been a process, not only to create the music, but also to free me from the dark place my mind was in".

Out of tragedy has emerged his sound and his soul. 

COLD NIGHT DARK MOURNING is available through MTC/Warner Music NZ from February 26th, 2016 and features contributions from Sid Diamond, Janine and The Mixtape, Anna Coddington, Mikey Mayz, Possum Plows, Edgar from Midnight Gallery, Tim Walker, and production from Yorel, Janine And The Mixtape, Regal Drums, CP beats and ANKA.

Hughes appeared on the music scene as a young feisty ‘battle MC’’. He then began his recording career with the underground label Breakin Wreakwordz before joining urban stalwarts Move The Crowd (MTC) where he has remained since, releasing a double album AGES TURN, numerous mix tapes, along with many collaborations under his name Ethical.

His career then took a turn when he collaborated with label mates to form Kidz In Space –  an electro/pop/urban act that released two albums, and had a Gold selling single with ‘Downtime’