New NZ TV Drama Series 'Filthy Rich' to air on TV2

Filthy Rich is what happens when an incredibly wealthy family finds out it has three cuckoos from the wrong side of the tracks in its golden nest. Who will ultimately rise to the top of the Truebridge Empire? The gap between rich and poor gets a whole lot narrower when three unsuspecting young kiwis find out they’re the illegitimate offspring of one of NZ’s wealthiest men.

Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan have teamed up again to create Filthy Rich - the latest local drama for TV2 which airs this week. Rachel and Gavin have collaborated on many productions such as Go Girls, Nothing Trivial and Mercy Peak.

Series producer Steven Zanoski has created a name for himself in both writing and producing. Before producing for Filthy Rich, Steven was a producer for Shortland St.

Filthy Rich begins this week  and will air on TV2 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8.30pm.

The wonderful music backdrop for Filthy Rich was composed by Leon Radojkovic. The series also features licensed music from the Songbroker Publisher Catalogue. For more information about Songbroker's contribution to Filthy Rich head to their website.