The Aristocrats Celebrate Their Love For Analog with 'VHYes'

The Aristocrats’ third full-length album VHYes is officially released today, the 3rd of November 2016.

With some new additions and smooth transitions the band has further evolved their jean tight mechanics and rock dynamics.

Title track and first single 'VHYes' is a love story about the bond between man and his VHS machine. With the promise of the “resolution becoming higher” the viewer soon sees he’s been lied to, only to realise he must learn to love his new found format.

VHYes manages to sew the delicate threads of the space-time continuum, weaving the past and the future into a mutli-coloured love rug of highly charged indie rock anthems.

Copies of the album will be available digitally and in a special edition run of vinyl.

The Aristocrats are giving a one-off performance at the Kings Arms Sports Bar on the 4th of November with vinyl copies available at the door. Door sales only.

The Aristocrats are:

Charlie Atkin. Hammond/Rhodes/Guitar/Vocals

Steven Atkin. Guitar/Vocals

John Barker. Guitar/ Vocals

Cole Goodley. Drums/Vocals

Jared Kahi. Bass/Vocals

VHYes is available digitally via iTunes and Bandcamp.