Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins to release new musical project

Scottish singer and former Cocteau Twins member Elizabeth Fraser has been working on a new musical project with husband Damon Reece - her first full length project in 20 years.

As website Loaded has reported, the couple have composed the music for Sky Arts’ new drama series The Nightmare Worlds Of HG Wells.

The Nightmare Worlds Of HG Wells is a series of four films based on stories by HG Wells, author of The War Of The Worlds and The Time Machine. The series stars heavyweights Ray Winstone and Michael Gambon.

Music by Fraser and Reece – (who is also drummer for Spiritualized and Lupine Howl) can be heard in a trailer for the series.

Cocteau Twins made eight albums in their 16 year career including the critically acclaimed Blue Bell Knoll and Heaven Or Las Vegas. The trio’s final album Milk And Kisses was released in 1996.