K.One has dropped his new single ‘GTHA (Get The Hell Away)’ and announces the release of his brand new EP OUT OF THIN AIR for release on September 25.

K.One definitely brings the sun out with this latest single ‘GTHA (Get The Hell Away)’. With its infectious, feel good vibe, the track is all about celebrating achievements and distancing yourself from negative energy.

Amidst working on what was originally intended to be his sophomore album, K.One came to the decision that a fresh start was needed. Disregarding everything he’d worked on previously, the idea of an EP project was born - all brand new material and something that would signify a new chapter in his music.

The title OUT OF THIN AIR was inspired by something his Mum would always say to him growing up.

“When asked what was for dinner, her reply was always ‘Thin Air’” K.One explains. “But come dinner time there would always be a meal on the table. Even through a rough time she was a master of creating something out of thin air”.

It’s a term that can also be used to describe K.One’s music career - a fitting title also for a project created in the way it was.

After 2 months in the studio with producer NOX, who he has worked with for the entire project - something has definitely been created “Out Of Thin Air.” Something described by K.One as more than just a title but a mind-set.

Family, love, life, dreams and music.

‘GTHA (Get The Hell Away)’ is available now from iTunes