Alanis Morissette was just a few months shy of her 20th birthday when she started recording JAGGED LITTLE PILL. This year, the legendary album has reached that same landmark. To celebrate, the multiple Grammy®-winning singer-songwriter has curated a special collector’s edition of her debut, an album that’s sold more than 33 million copies around the world and ranks as one of the best-selling albums of all time.

This new four-disc JAGGED LITTLE PILL: COLLECTOR’S EDITION includes remastered audio of the original album plus an entire disc of 10 unreleased demos from the era handpicked by Morissette.  JAGGED LITTLE PILL: COLLECTOR’S EDITION will be available from Rhino on October 30th. Also available on the same day is a two-disc DELUXE EDITION that includes the remastered original album and the second disc of unreleased demos. Both collections will also be available digitally.

“I’m super excited to share this music with a whole new generation of peeps, as well as people who have grown along with me over the last two decades,” says Morissette. “Thankfully, these songs have stood the test of time for me, and in their timelessness, I am thrilled to honor and reflect on them as well as the last twenty years of my life and career.”

In 2015, Alanis was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Outside of entertainment, she is an avid supporter of female empowerment, as well as spiritual, psychological and physical wellness.  She has contributed her writing to a variety of outlets and forums, and leads workshops, special speaking and keynote speaking engagements worldwide. 

You can Pre-order JAGGED LITTLE PILL COLLECTORS EDITION from iTunes now.