You Barbarians Release debut rock e.p. Helioshiva

Rock outfit You Barbarians announce the release of their debut e.p. Helioshiva on August 21st 2015. 

You Barbarians is the brainchild of Wellington based writer and musician, Dave Currie. Dave imbues his collection of pulverising, frenetic rock songs with themes of life, death, the world, politics and personal philosophy.

The title track ‘Helioshiva’ really delivers, as squealing electric guitars and pounding drums with intricate time signatures circle back to a deep dark guitar riff - Currie’s clear and arresting voice calling from above.

Currie began the process by recording the drums of Rhys Telford in a local school hall then sending the files to long-time friend and incendiary guitarist, Igor Ian Ignjic in New York. Ian and mutual friend Brian Wanders recorded a plethora of guitar tracks in a mega 14-hour recording session, which Currie then edited down to essential parts. Next came Currie’s vocals then the backing vocals of sister-in-law Jessica Aaltonen and Eva Prowse who also played violin.  Lastly he recorded his dad Kevin on french horn.

 “Every expectation was surpassed.” Says Currie.  “For all my attempts to atomise and micromanage the project I’d accidentally ended up with a chaotic and beautiful band.”

 Helioshiva is available for purchase via Bandcamp, iTunes and all good digital outlets plus physical copies can now be purchased exclusively from the You Barbarians Bandcamp page.