New Release from Avalanche City "We Are For The Wild Places"

The man behind Avalanche City and Silver Scroll winner (‘Love Love Love’) is ready for the next adventure. After the incredible success of new single ‘Inside Out’, Dave Baxter has released his sophomore album, WE ARE FOR THE WILD PLACES, on July 3.

“WE ARE FOR THE WILD PLACES is about where we come alive, that spot in the middle of fear and uncertainty, determination and courage. It’s the moment when we struggle and we can see our own failure just behind us but we push on.”

Explains the songwriter, “I think a lot of fulfilment in my life has come from overcoming obstacles and achieving things I wasn't sure I could. The wild places are where adventure happens.”

WE ARE FOR THE WILD PLACES also saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Baxter to work with a childhood hero, former Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla, who mixed the album.

As the pair huddled in Walla’s bunker-like studio in Seattle, USA, WE ARE FOR THE WILD PLACES came alive, a fitting tribute to a happy accident half a decade ago, and a full-circle from the country to the city.

The single ‘Inside Out’ is a plaintive ode to a friend’s broken relationship that builds from arpeggio guitars and ghostly atmospheres to orchestral brass motifs. Baxter wrote it while the album was being finalised, holding up the final production in order to include it.

The new album is now available for purchase from iTunes.