You Barbarians release single 'Limits of Control'

'Limits of Control' is a rock-out protest song influenced in part by REM and Jim Jarmusch.

'Limits of Control' is a frenetic rock track with an explosive drumbeat, driving bass and heaving layered guitars pulled together by the distinctive voice of Wellington native Dave Currie.

"Musically, this is a love letter to Monster -era REM. I tried a rocking yet blasé delivery à la Michael Stipe, which fits well with the lyrical content," says Currie.

'Limits of Control' portrays Currie's contempt for the current political climate -  how people have bought into a system where glibness and savvy win out over real and vital concerns that can’t be reduced to soundbites.  

The title and hook line are taken from Jim Jarmusch’s 2009 film The Limits Of Control, which tells a dreamy story of how people hold and lose power over one another, and asks what power really means in a finite lifetime.  

In a more straightforward fashion, Dave infers the same meaning by poking fun at political figures using wordplay and allusion, examining how authority can be faked together with vague symbols. He even liberates a couple of lines from The Feelers’ 'Stand Up' after it was transmogrified into a political advert in 2011.  

Rhys Telford provides the powerhouse drums while Igor Ian Ignjic lends his incendiary guitar playing to the track with Eva Prowse (Fly My Pretties) and Jess Aaltonen providing backing vocals. 

'Limits of Control' is now available for purchase from Bandcamp and iTunes.

The You Barbarians E.P. Helioshiva is due out on August 21st with pre orders now available from iTunes and Bandcamp