Veruca Salt release single 'Laughing in the Sugar Bowl'

For anyone who proudly head banged through ‘Seether’, who pogoed along to ‘Volcano Girls’, who picked up a Les Paul guitar after seeing the band’s epically fierce live show – this one’s for you.  

Veruca Salt have just announced their new album GHOST NOTES, with the leading single titled ‘Laughing In The Sugar Bowl’.

Veruca Salt – original members Nina Gordon (guitar/vocals), Louise Post (guitar/vocals), Steve Lack (bass), Jim Shapiro (drums) – will release their first full-length album of new material written and recorded together since 1996. The album, entitled GHOST NOTES, was recorded in Los Angeles, and produced by Brad Wood, who helmed production for the band’s seminal, platinum-selling debut, AMERICAN THIGHS. 

GHOST NOTES will be released on July 10, 2015 on El Camino Records.