Tim Guy celebrates 'St Petersburg' with video single

‘St. Petersburg’ is the first single off Tim Guy’s forthcoming album and a sparkling guitar pop gem. 

To hear this track is to be swept up in the bewildering, irresistible romance of the city night - helped in no small part by the luscious string arrangement of Greg Walker (Machine Translations).

The charming video was directed by Sam Mapplebeck and is an underwater adventure. The clip follows a submarine as it goes down into the ocean depths and explores an amazing stylized sea world....

View the 'St Petersburg' video here.
Tim’s 5th album is set for release in the second half of 2015.
He has lived and played throughout Australia, Europe with an extended stint in New Zealand, before settling in his current home of Melbourne.
Tim’s richly varied discography charts his growth - from the assured, largely acoustic debut Blazey (Melbourne and Christchurch, 2004), the shimmering bedroom jangle of Hummabyes (Auckland, 2007), the pocket symphonies of Big World (conceived in Spain and recorded in Auckland, 2010) and the dusty, wide open contemplation of Dreaming of a Night Mango (conceived in Northern New South Wales and recorded in Melbourne, 2013).

'St Petersburg' is available now from Bandcamp and iTunes .