PAYOLA is Desaparecidos's first new album in 13 years and is due for release Friday 19th June.

PAYOLA is the follow-up album to Desaparecidos first and only album, READ MUSIC / SPEAK SPANISH. PAYOLA was co-produced with Mike Mogis (First Aid Kit, Saintseneca, and 'The Fault in our Stars' Score From the Motion Picture with Nate Walcott); and was recorded sporadically over the past few years. On PAYOLA the band consciously tackled a wide range of political issues at a much broader scale. PAYOLA is raw, loud and angry. In addition to the 6 previously released tracks, the album also includes 8 new tracks from the band.

Formed in 2001 in Omaha, Nebraska, Desaparecidos released one album, READ MUSIC / SPEAK SPANISH in 2002 on Saddle Creek Records. Though the band never "broke up", they parted ways for several years as members Conor Oberst (vocals, guitar), Denver Dalley (guitar), Ian McElroy(keyboards), Landon Hedges (bass / vocals), and Matt Baum (drums) went on to pursue separate ambitions, including Conor Oberst's career with the band Bright Eyes.