Jackie Bristow releases 'Fallen Youth' in remembrance of the Gallipoli 100 year reunion

The lyrics for 'Fallen Youth’ are from a poem written by an unnamed ANZAC WW1 soldier found in the public lIbrary of Jackie's hometown of Gore.  

Jackie Bristow's childhood friend and Kiwi soldier Aaron Horrell found the poem and carried it with him for 20 years. 

Recently Aaron asked Jackie to turn the poem into a song. Jackie wrote the song at the top of the Hokonui Hills and now performs it as part of her live set.  
Jackie says, "The poem speaks from the heart of a soldier and it feels good to sing my song 'Fallen Youth' and to tell a story for all the soldier's in the world".
Aaron says, "The poem is very special to me. Many times the words have rung true from times when I have lost comrades.  The words will continue to ring true in the years to come". 
(Aaron served two tours in East Timor and two tours in Afghanistan and worked as private security in Kandahar and Helmand province)
Watch the lyric video with exclusive artist intro:  


 Jackie is currently recording a new album of material due out later in 2015.