Flying Nun announce Three Blind Mice, a compilation from The Stones

On March 6 in New Zealand + Australia, Flying Nun will release Three Blind Mice, including The Stones' contribution to the label's seminal compilation 'Dunedin Double', tracks from their 1983 EP 'Another Disc Another Dollar' as well as never heard before live recordings. 

Curated by Bruce Russell (The Dead C, Xpressway Records), with liner notes by Shayne Carter (Straitjacket Fits, Bored Games), the compilation also features design + illustrations from Alec Bathgate and Chris Knox and was mastered by Tex Houston (The Clean, 3D’s).

 "The Stones were a Dunedin band: 1981-83. During the cultural highpoint of southern New Zealand music these three Romans with a 1970s Falcon station-wagon floated it with the best... -Bruce Russell

"The Stones were birthed by singer/guitarist Wayne Elsey’s decision to quit Bored Games to start a band that sounded likeThe Clean. Their debut came on the 25th April 1981 at an Otago University, a gig headlined by Bored Games (Shayne Carter) and new comers The Chills and Verlaines....Elsey’s vision for a band that sounds like The Clean didn’t really come to fruition. The Stones were too bright to not to create their own sound, one wrapped in braggadocio and swagger. Fast, aggressive guitars, driving rhythm section with a knack for fluid pop structures. Charismatic and smart, The Stones had the ability to sound completely empathetic and threatening all at once.
Look, they called themselves the Stones. What else do you want to know?"

Shayne P. Carter – 2014

Track List:

  1. Gunner Ho
  2. See Red
  3. Mother/Father
  4. At the Café
  5. Something New
  6. Final Days
  7. Down and Around
  8. Funky Conversations
  9. Surf’s Up
  10. Fad World
  11. It’s a Shame (Live at the Rumba - May 1983)*
  12. We Live (Live at the Rhumba - Dec 15, 1982)*
  13. Rumba (Live at Victoria University, Dec 6, 1982)*
  14. Everywhere Man (Live at the Rumba - May 1983)*
  15. Diamond Dirt (Live at the Rumba - May 1983)*
  16. Think About It (Live at Victoria University, Dec 6, 1982)*
  17. Looking at You (Live at Albert Tavern, Jun 28, 1983)*
  18. Ward 9 (Live at the Rumba - May 1983)*
  19. Route 69 (Live at Albert Tavern, Jun 28, 1983)* 
    * CD/Digital only