Tony Richards releases 'The Wetland Tracks'

Tony Richards is proud to release his 2nd album entitled The Wetland Tracks, the moniker he uses for writing and recording his songs with fellow musicians. 

The Wetland Tracks is a celebration of counterculture in a ten-song collection exploring events and philosophies that changed humanity for good.

During recording, the song '1969' soon became the focus for the album, referencing a year that saw an awareness of the ecology, political consciousness and sexual freedom.

The track '1969' is an upbeat salute to the incredible albums released that year, Woodstock, political activism and the moon landings. 'Mood Indigo' is a mystically sultry song about sexual politics and woman’s emancipation while 'Madam Omar' is a search for alternative spiritualism wrapped in a rhythmic acoustic riff.

Richards recorded at Allan Williams’s Marua Road Studio, Ellerslie with additional recording and mixing in various lounges, kitchens, garages and sleepouts around the city. A talented group of musicians feature on the album including Nigel Gavin, Richard Adams, Andrew Miller, Paul Barry, Mark Johnson, Paul Naveen and vocalist, Jennie Cruse.

Richards is a regular on the songwriter open night circuit around Auckland. 
Says Tony, "There is currently 16 songwriter and open nights every week in Auckland with the standard of performance continuing to rise. They’re the perfect place to workshop new songs, build up that 10,000 hours and hang out with other songwriters."

The Wetland Tracks is now available for purchase from iTunes. You can catch Tony on any given night at a songwriter open night around the city. (Gallery of 1969 album covers and t-shirt merchandise at