New Single for The Dirty Sweets

Songbroker rockers The Dirty Sweets are about as close to the Munsters playing at an Acca Dacca convention as you’re gonna get. 

They're back with a brand new single entitled 'Love Is Dangerous' - out just in time for Halloween.

True to form, 'Love is Dangerous' is a frenetic and rollicking guitar wall of sound punctuated by front man Paul Edwards' raspy growl. 

The ‘Sweets’ are the twisted brainchild of former Freak Power vocalist/songwriter Paul Edwards and Mary singer/guitarist Dee Dee Taylor. From the brilliant ’70s cop style art on the covers through to the grinding guitars and venomous irony this little ride is fast, furious and sticky.

'Love is Dangerous' is now available for purchase from Amplifier and all good digital outlets.