Rachel Dawick's album The Boundary Riders out today

September 19th 2014 sees Rachel Dawick launch 'The Boundary Riders'- a collection of musical tales of NZ pioneer women, to be released and celebrated on the date NZ Women won the vote in 1893. This beautifully designed package features a double album (of the full show and musical tracks) and book with a full script of show, images, research and tales of the road.

The album follows the journey of a range of women from the Victorian period whose names, largely unknown in our history pages, reveal stories that would slip easily into any Wild West adventure book. From prostitutes to missionary wives, gold miners to magicians, these beguiling tales are of conquests, survival, persistence, and the merging of peoples and cultures from far distant lands into the birth of New Zealand as we know her today.

“The Boundary Riders” features a number of internationally acclaimed musicians including Jon Sanders on bouzuki, guitar, ukelele and harmonium (www.jon-sanders.com), Dave Kahn on violin, accordian and mandolin (The Broadsides), Andy Laking on Double Bass (Grada), Chris Koole on percussion (Beyondsemble) and a guest appearance from Steve Bretel as Narrator of the show.

“These are more than just songs,” states Rachel.  “These are gateways into our past and to the lives of ‘ordinary’ but extraordinary women - these are our stories to discover and to own”.

Rachel celebrates the release with a performance at Auckland’s Central City Library on September 19th at 5.30pm.

For more show dates go to www.racheldawick.com