New Single For Cairo Knife Fight


Cairo Knife Fight is comprised of Nick Gaffaney and a revolving cast of accomplished guitarists and songwriters, including current band mate and collaborator, Joel Haines,  longtime band partner Aaron Tokona, and special writing collaborations with American music legend Mark Lanegan, local icon Laugton Kora and Los Angeles writers/producers Tyler Fournames and John Anderson.

Cairo Knife Fight try to redefine what two musicians can create live with Nick Gaffaney combining his skills on drums, keyboard, bass, creating live loops and lead vocals with Joel Haine's seemingly limitless guitar soundscapes and incendiary riffs.

The new single ‘Rezlord’ concerns a man who believes that getting all he wants is all he needs. Learning too late that taking so much from another often leads to a greater loss from within oneself.

 The single will be serviced to New Zealand radio and will be available to pre-order on iTunes from Monday, July 28, officially going on sale from Friday, August 1. Listen to it here.